Fair World 101 is a blogger and a rambler and sometimes even a ranter,
a very very bad writer, who started writing as a hobby in 1995
and ended up writing a book on adventure travel photography in 1997
and is doing a mistake of writing two books at the same time at the moment

While still sending opinions on various issues to newspapers around the world,
he, yes this fair world is a he, strives to make this world a “Fair World” by being fair himself first.
Its only while really trying to be fair, one realises, how difficult it is to be absolutely fair.

This blog contains some Ramblings which are always fluid and incomplete,
because there is always something not known, there is always something new coming up,
and therefore it is always being edited, updated, revised.
So please remain patient. and read on as if there is more to read still and more to know yet
Ramblings are Ramblings after all….

We welcome ramblings and yubblies from friends and foes…