Urdu – the most adaptive language in the world

Imagine mankind living in caves a hundred thousand or so years ago – a time when mankind had not learnt to communicate efficiently with each other. A language had not developed. Actions were used to communicate. It was during such times that one man walked into a dark cave in search of shelter, but there was someone living in that cave already. It was dark and also they were unable to communicate. Not knowing what the other man wanted, the man inside threw a stone at the intruder’s head as a way of letting him know not to be in there. This incident provoked anger from either side and resulted in violence. Both got hurt and died after a few weeks because of the fatal injuries they mindlessly inflicted upon each other. Both did not really understand what the other person intended. Similar examples have been quoted by many linguists, anthropologists, sociolinguists, ethno-linguists, and linguistic anthropologists to prove the importance of verbal communication in humans. More…


Author: Fair World 101

Lets make this World a Fair World

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