Who would you wanna be

Two friends “MEE” and “AYE” were passing by a bank, when they saw a security guard fallen on the side walk, gasping for breath, probably having a heart attack, with doors of the cash van ajar. While MEE tried to help the guard, AYE couldnt help looking inside the van out of curiosity.

Five years later, MEE and AYE were seen on a floating resort in the Mekong Delta. MEE was holding a Mai-Tai in his hands, a Black Dragon stogie in his lips, lying on a recliner, surrounded by a few 20 year old friends clad in colorful bikinis. He looked like a movie star, younger than his age, an expensive haircut made his hair look carelessly disturbed but stylishly under control. MEE looked really happy and seemed to be enjoying his time.

AYE was sitting on a chair a few meters away from MEE and his friends, staring at the waters, his unshaved face seemed extremely pale with large dark circles around his drowsy eyes. He was smoking cigarettes non-stop and his hands shook while inhaling. He seemed totally out of place.

“AYE, why dont you join us downstairs for lunch”, MEE had asked AYE this question almost everyday for the last five years, and AYE had never joined MEE and friends in anything they did. AYE was still not happy with what they had done five years ago, when the security guard had fallen on the side walk and MEE and AYE had stolen a few money bags from the cash van. They had both become millionaires since then and had left their home town and country to live in Vietnam.

Who would you wanna be, MEE or AYE, for the rest of your life.


Author: Fair World 101

Lets make this World a Fair World

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